"No, no sir, it's not dead. It's resting."

The same old story, re-signed packages with no code changes. The packages are also available from SourceForge. I'd appreciate if you'd start using the SourceForge link, this site probably starts redirecting there at some point.


In case you haven't noticed, Nokia Internet Radio is (finally) available for 5th Edition devices. See Ovi Store for further details.


Oh look, it's February, must be the time for the annual i-have-not-done-anything-here-is-a-freshly-signed-package update. No code changes, just re-signed packages for S60 3rd and 5th Edition devices.


Compiled a version for S60 5th Edition devices (Nokia 5800 XpressMusic). Since there are no code changes, the package for 3rd Edition phones is still the same.


A year has gone by and I haven't bothered to do anything with the application. Since people are still downloading it, I have made some minor changes and re-signed the package with a new certificate. Note that the previous two .SIS files have been combined, you'll only need to download and install one.


I haven't had any inspiration for improving the current application for a while. There are some things I'd like explore in the future, namely support for OGG and WMA formats but I'm not promising anything.

The installation packages have been signed with a new certificate that's valid until March 2009, the old one expires on March 2008.

As you may be aware, Nokia has released a beta version of Nokia Internet Radio, available from here.


In case the phone complains about a certificate error, make sure the software installation setting in the application manager is set to all instead of signed only.

Current version

Changelog for version 2.4.0 20110216

Installable .sis package
S60InternetRadio_240_20110216_50.sisx (S60 5th Edition)
S60InternetRadio_240_20110216_30.sisx (S60 3rd Edition)

Source code with my modifications

Previous versions

Changelog for version 2.4.0 20100215

Installable .sis package
S60InternetRadio_240_20100215_50.sisx (S60 5th Edition)
S60InternetRadio_240_20100215_30.sisx (S60 3rd Edition)

Source code with my modifications

Changelog for version 2.4.0 20090307

Installable .sis package
S60InternetRadio_240_20090307_50.sisx (S60 5th Edition)
S60InternetRadio_240_20090217_30.sisx (S60 3rd Edition)

Source code with my modifications

Changelog for version 2.4.0 20090217

Installable .sis package

Source code with my modifications

Changelog for version 2.3.0 20080217

Installable .sis packages

Changelog for version 2.3.0 20070630

Installable .sis packages

Source code with my modifications

Changelog for version 2.2.0 20070630

Installable .sis packages

Source code with my modifications

Original source code is available from here.